Opensource Hosting

Managed Cloud SSD Hosting for Opensource Apps

Managed Cloud SSD Opensource Hosting

Discover the vastness of the Opensource Universe that our Fast, Stable and Secure Web Hosting Plans expand for you!

Hosting one click installer

1-click Application Installer

With the 1-Click Application Installer, our customers will not only be able to deploy Applications’ instances with ease, but they can also configure every installation separately! The Installer also allows for maintaining different application versions in different folders!

hosting Daily backup

Consistent FREE Backups

Backing up a website is quite an easy task, but maintaining healthy daily backups is always a challenge. All Open Source Hosting plans have automated cPanel backup service activated by default. The backup frequency is daily, and the backups can be restored for free whenever those are needed.

Web Server cache

LiteSpeed Web Server Cache

Here at, we take the caching to the next level! With an intuitive caching mechanism, the websites of our customers’ websites not only load faster, but they also have a minimal resource usage footprint, allowing more website visitors on smaller plans!

Managed Web Hosting service

Managed Web Hosting service

With our Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting packages, our customers will never have to worry about the health and the up-to-date state of our web hosting environment! We will fully take care of that aspect!

Tight Website Security

Tight Website Security

Innovative, AI-based Security technologies are taking care of every website on our Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plans, providing an optimal level of protection against the most dangerous web attacks!

1Easy to pilot service with cPanel

1Easy to pilot service with cPanel

What is a web hosting service without a wheel to steer it in the right direction? Over the years, cPanel became an industry standard when it comes to reliable, native, and easy to use web hosting control panel!


Our Technical Support team is always online for our customers! From migrating websites to installing Themes, Plugins, SSL certificates, optimizing websites – they can do it all and in a timely manner!

SSD Drives

For the storage of our Cloud SSD Shared Hosting packages, we are using best in class, native SSD Drives. Combined with the battery-powered RAID controllers, we ensure the data integrity of our customers!

No Cancellation fees

No Cancellation fees in case you don't like our service

No additional costs for canceling your service or binding contracts which demand forfeit!

Free Website Migration

Free Website Migration Service

For every Web Hosting Package we have included a FREE one time transfer service for your website!

45 Days Money-back Guarantee

45 Days Money-back Guarantee

Test our servers and fall in love with us, or if you decide to leave – receive all your money back!

Data centers within the reach of your visitors

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Over the past several years, the open-source platforms took a significant share in the field of web development. An open-source platform is any web application with open (publically available) programming code that is distributed over a free to use license. Their main advantage is the affordability and the ease of use they provide to the less programming oriented customers. Thanks to the innovations in the web hosting field, we are proud to provide a web hosting environment that is specially optimized and tuned to meet all the requirements the modern open-source platforms have.

Yes! The affordable price of our Cloud SSD Open Source hosting plans is achieved exactly thanks to the incredibly well optimized Shared Web Hosting platform that we have. That is why the prices and the packages are precisely the same. If our clients are looking for a more dedicated environment for their open-source projects, they can check our Cloud SSD VPS services and our SSD Dedicated Servers.

The developers of each open-source script that we support have released a set of requirements and recommendations for optimal web hosting performance. We have gathered every bit of information, and we have implemented all those improvements to one web hosting service that is perfectly optimized to meet ALL the requirements and expectations of its users.

Yes, of course! We will be more than glad to help our customers out with this task! We will ensure flawless and fast website transfer with 0 data loss. This service is free of charge for at least one open-source script, but depending on the purchased package, they can get to up to 3 free transfers. If there are more transfers to be made, please check with our Technical Support Fleet for further information on the transfer pricing!

Yes, of course! Each member of our Technical Support Fleet is proficient enough to transfer any dynamic script written in PHP/MySQL. For sophisticated scripts like Python/NodeJS, we will require some additional information or any official documentation!