Domain Name Terms of Service

This Domain Name Agreement (“Agreement”) is between any person or entity (“you”, “your”, “Registrant”), who is registering a domain name through or transferring a domain name to (“we”, “us”, or “our”), and us (“Registrar”) acting as reseller for our Accredited Registrar.  This Agreement sets the terms and conditions of your use of’s Domain Name services, your obligations to us and our obligations to you. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement, you are also agreeing to the rules and regulations set forth by the respective Registry or Registrar of record, and ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

ICANN Policy:

Domain name registration offers Domain Name Registration service. The customer can apply for a domain name registration through Domain Portal or directly via the Client Dashboard (“Client Area”).

The customer acknowledges and agrees that even if a domain name is indicated as available at the time of the purchase cannot guarantee that the requested domain name will be registered. We hold no responsibility and have no authority in an event of domain registration being refused by the Registrar.

Domain name purchased through will be deemed active when the respective registry accepts the customer’s application and activates the domain name registration. The customer will receive an email confirmation from us once the domain name is successfully registered.

The customer agrees it is their sole responsibility to investigate and ensure the domain name does not infringe upon legal rights and will not be used for malicious or unlawful purposes.

Any domain name registered through will be under customer’s ownership, meaning that the customer will act as the registrant, administrative contact, and technical contact.

If a domain name is registered with any third-party or entity personal details, the customer agrees that the person or organization used for the registration is aware and agrees with our Domain Name Terms of Service.

All domain name registrations are permanent for the term of registration and cannot be further modified. Prior to submitting a domain registration order, it is customer’s responsibility to ensure for no any errors and typos.

Registrant Information

As part of the registration process, the customer is required to provide us with certain current, complete and accurate information. In addition to customer’s billing information, we are required by ICANN and/or the Registrar of record to collect from our customers the following Domain Registrant Information:

  • Registrant Name
  • Registrant Organization (where applicable)
  • Registrant Address
  • Registrant Email
  • Registrant Fax (where applicable)
  • Registrant Phone number
  • Administrative Contact
  • Administrative Contact Organization (where applicable)
  • Administrative Contact Address
  • Administrative Contact Email
  • Administrative Contact Fax (where applicable)
  • Administrative Contact Telephone Number
  • Technical Contact
  • Technical Contact Organization (where applicable)
  • Technical Contact Address
  • Technical Contact Email
  • Technical Contact Fax (where applicable)
  • Technical Contact Telephone Number

The customer agrees and acknowledges that will provide the above-mentioned details to ICANN, our Accredited Registrar and other third parties as required by ICANN and applicable laws.

The customer further acknowledges and agrees that may make publicly available, some or all of the domain name registration information they provide, for purposes of inspection (such as through Whois databases) or other purposes as required and permitted by ICANN and applicable laws.

WHOIS records contain mandatory information. This includes the name of the registrar, created date, updated date, and expiration date of the domain name, the name servers of the domain, the registrant, admin, and technical contacts – a name, organization (if applicable), address, phone number, and email address.

In case the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) applies to you (all entities and individuals based in the EU), your Registrant, Admin, and Technical contact information will not be publicly displayed in the WHOIS records. Limited registrant data will be kept publicly available, with only accredited parties (such as law enforcement, members of the security community, and intellectual property lawyers) having access to the full data set.

Although the customer’s personal data will not be publicly disclosed will transmit it to our Accredited Registrar who will process it in accordance with Art. 6, para. 1, b. “B” of the GDPR.

Domain Name Transfer

The act of changing the Registrars for an already registered domain name is defined as Domain Name Transfer. The customer is able to transfer a domain name registration/s to and from when the transfer is not prohibited by ICANN or Registry policies.

Domain name transfer is possible only if the TLD (“top-level domain”, “domain extension”) is supported by the registration authority. The customer agrees to fill the required information for a domain transfer accurately and they are directly responsible in case the provided information is incorrect, inconsistent or not allowed. will charge the customer respectful price for Domain Name transfer request. The price may or may not be equal to the price of the domain name registration for the same domain name extension. The transfer fee is not refundable since once initiated a domain transfer request cannot be terminated.

By completing transfer request application the customer confirms they are the Domain Name Owner or you are authorized by the Domain Name Owner to initiate a transfer. The transfer will be successfully initiated upon approval from the Administrative contact. The transfer will be accepted or rejected by the Losing (Current) Registrar within 7 days. In an event of unsuccessful domain transfer, the customer will be updated with an email notification containing the reason for the failure and steps necessary to be taken to finalize the transfer.

In case the customer transfers a domain away from they shall:

  • Disable the Registrar lock.
  • Ensure no Domain Privacy (ID Protect) service is enabled.
  • Request domain’s EPP key (authorization code) from Client Dashboard or by contacting our support/sales teams.

Domain registration/transfer and renewal fees are non-refundable. In an event of immediate Product cancellation and refund request domain fee will be withheld.  As the owner of the domain name, the customer can continue using their domain with HostArmara or transfer it to another Third-Party provider.

Free Domain Names may or may not offer free domain name registration or transfer included in the Web Hosting packages purchased for Billing Cycle not shorter than 1 year.

The customer agrees that not all supported domain name extensions can be registered for free. reserves the right to update, change or completely remove domain extensions from the list of supported free domain name extensions. may provide a complete list of the supported free domain name extensions as part of the Domain Portal on our website or directly on the domain registration/transfer forms.

Free domain name registration/transfer can be requested by the time a Web Hosting Product is being purchased or not later than 7 days after the purchase of Web Hosting Package is completed.

By applying for Free Domain registration the customer acknowledges and agrees the domain name will be registered under their ownership and their personal information provided under the Client account will be used as the registrant, admin, and technical contact details.

By applying for Free Domain transfer the customer acknowledges and agrees it is their responsibility to ensure the domain name is in ‘OK’ for transfer status and meets all requirements for a successful domain name transfer. will not be held responsible for a transfer failure in the event the domain name does not apply to the transfer rules, has false or inconsistent information being submitted upon request or is owned by another user.

Free domain name registered or transferred for a period of one year under the terms of any ongoing promotion will be registered or renewed for free for a period not longer than 1 year. After that period the customer can preserve the domain name after successful payment of the renewal fee for the domain name.


Upon using Domain Name services the customer agrees to pay initial registration, transfer, or renewal fees. will attempt to automatically renew any domain name on its due date if

authorized by the customer. We are not responsible for any unsuccessful domain renewals due to the failure of payment. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the renewal invoice for the associated with domain names will be paid or the default payment method will be sufficient for the automatic Domain Name Renewal.

If the customer’s domain name registered with had expired and it is in the Redemption Period (which may vary depending on the TLD and Domain Registrar) and the customer wishes to recover it, they will need to cover the according to Redemption Fee. Domain Redemption Fee recovers the domain name but does not include the registration fee of the domain which will need to be covered as well. If the domain name is not recovered during the redemption period, it will be released for registration to the general public after the redemption period completes. The Redemption fee is equal to $199 USD or the equivalent in any other supported currency by shall not be held responsible in case a domain name enters in the Redemption Period due to failed automated renewal for the same. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their domain name(s) will be properly renewed.

Domain Name Cancellation or Deletion

A domain name can be canceled or deleted upon a customer’s request.

If the registered domain name with HostArmada is canceled or deleted within the Active period of the domain lifecycle, the owner of the domain ( the customer ) may or may be charged an additional domain deletion fee. The fee depends on the domain extension and the period the domain remained registered for.

If the canceled/deleted domain name is registered for free as part of any promotional offer, the deletion/cancelation of the same within the Active period of the domain lifecycle is considered as paid service and can be subject to an additional fee depending on the domain extension and the period the domain remained registered for.

Change of Ownership

The customers are permitted to update their registration data and transfer the registration rights to another Registrant. In order to change the ownership of the domain name, the customer must obtain confirmation from the New Registrant to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. As per ICANN policy, change of domain ownership may result in an immediate sixty (60) day domain transfer lock prohibiting the transfer of the domain to another ICANN accredited registrar.

GDPR Protection Domain Service is providing a “GDPR protection” service for the public domain WHOIS records. The “GDPR protection” service will:

  1. Hide the Registrant, Admin and Technical Contact information for registered domain names in the public WHOIS records.
  2. Enable legitimate and accredited third-parties, such as but not limited to law enforcement, members of the security community and intellectual property lawyers to get access to the hidden information.
  3. Limit the WHOIS data to only information that we have obtained permissions to process either via customer’s consent or contract with the customer.

“GDPR protection” service will not be available for certain TLDs that are not related to European citizens or require from the registrant to be situated in a concrete country. Such TLDs are mostly country-specific TLDs such as .AU, .BR, .CA, .CN (2nd and 3rd level), .DE(2nd and 3rd level), .EC(2nd and 3rd level), .EU, .RU(2nd and 3rd level), .UK(2nd and 3rd level), .US, .ECO, .JOBS, .NGO/.ONG, .NYC and .TEL. These TLD registries may mask only partial personal data or completely may disclose the same in a public WHOIS record.

Domain Name Disputes

The customer agrees that in an event of a dispute with any third party they will hold and our Accredited Registrar harmless in all circumstances. will have no liability over the decision and final outcome of a dispute case.

Dispute cases for domain name ownership shall be governed by ICANN’s UDRP. reserve the right to suspend or cancel a domain name if we become aware of a domain name dispute.

ICANN and Registrar Terms

Additional Terms and Conditions may apply for each domain name registration or transfer. These terms may be set by the’s registrar. By using Domain Services the customer agrees to be bound by any Rules and Regulations policies placed by any of the affiliated registrars or global regulations such as ICANN.


ICANN Policy:


The customer agrees with these Agreements upon registering a new domain name or transferring already existing to and from


Domain Registration Agreement Changes reserve the right to modify this Domain Registration Agreement at any time